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  • Uploaded on 19 Jun 2018

    今集整一個港式茶餐廳嘢。呢個唔使點介紹 lu

    A Hong Kong classic. This dish needs no introduction really.

    二人份量 For two people
    豬扒3塊 - 3 pieces of pork chops
    白飯4碗 - 4 bowls of cooked rice
    生粉半杯 - half a cup of cornstarch
    鹽1湯匙 - 1 tbsp of slat
    黑胡椒粉2茶匙 - 2tsp of black pepper
    雞蛋5隻 - 5 eggs
    洋蔥1個 - 1 onion
    蕃茄2個 - 2 tomatoes
    蒜1瓣 - 1 clove of garlic
    青豆半杯 - half a cup of frozen peas
    茄汁 (番茄醬) 半杯 - half a cup of tomato sauce (ketchup)
    喼汁 (英國黑醋) 2湯匙 - 2tbsp of worcestershire sauce
    砂糖2茶匙 - 2tsp of sugar
    清水¾杯 - 3/4 cup of water
    水牛芝士50克 - 50g of mozzarella cheese
    奧勒岡香草少量 - a touch of dried oregano
    鹽和黑胡椒粉調味 - salt and pepper to taste

    Channel 煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle


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