Download 18 Photos Of The Strangest Geological Formations.
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  • Uploaded on 26 Feb 2017

    From amazing tropical locations, to the deep crack found in Arizona, these are 18 Photos of the STRANGEST Geological Formations !

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    9. Chimney Rock
    You might remember this place if you ever played the game called oregon trail. Located at the Chimney Rock National Historic Site, this famous landmark is located in the rather flat state of Nebraska. When Americans began heading west, they used this geological formation as a rendezvous point for fur trading. It’s was often spotted by pioneers along the Oregon trail and if they had made it this far, they knew they was a good chance they’d make it all the way to the prospering gold or silver mines of the west. The pillar is made of Brule clay and layered with ancient volcanic ash and sandstone. The chimney tower at the top, consists of stronger sandstone which has allowed it to stand upright.

    8. Wave Rock
    Woah, surf's up in Australia and it looks like this huge wave is about to make this lady here wipe out! The 47 footer is found in hyden, Australia about 300 kilometres east of Perth. This wave is 350 feet long and made of Monzogranite. The photographer certainly took this photo from an amazing angle and it looks like it’s seriously about to crash any moment!

    7. Bryce Canyon Rock Formations
    This photo that we see taken in Bryce Canyon located in Utah, is geologists call Hoodoo. They’re large pinnacle formations made of sedimentary rock that can reach up to 200 feet. Although Bryce Canyon, technically isn’t a canyon, tourists love coming to this national park for hiking, recreation and experiencing this strange rock formations in person. This photo captures carefully the different shades of coloring that the hoodoos give off.

    6. Hanging Rock, Australia
    If you’re afraid of heights, you certainly don’t want to stand on the edge of this crazy rtock formation located in new south wales. The cliff reaches about 330 feet high. This giant block of sandstone has become a popular location for daring rock climbers but you have to imagine the view from the top is pretty insane!

    5. Drangarnir, Faroe Islands
    Located in the isolated faroe islands, these sea stacks form in the Atlantic ocean and form an arch with striking beauty as you can tell from this photo. Arches like these found along the coastline, can be formed over a long period of time due to intense wave crashes hitting, weaker areas of stones. The waters can also erode the weaker parts of the rock, but this example in the Faroe islands is quite unique and stunning.

    Located in the outback of Australia, it seems like this stone was some kind of watermelon chopped in half by some kind of giant with a samurai sword! The man here in the photo, must truly understand the bizarre, uniqueness to a rock formation such as this. It’s believed that the huge changes in temperature during night and day at this location caused the rock to expand and contract, eventually leading to it being broken in half. Some rocks and minerals when they’re separated have a much more smooth cleavage, such as this.

    3. Strange Crack, Mexico
    Incredible photos were taken of a strange crack that runs east and west in the mexico desert. It stretches over kilometer long and is about 8 meters deep! The crevice has forced drivers and farm workers to work around it or risk falling down! Many were really unsure exactly what caused the surface of the earth to simply crack open like that but they believe it was mostly likely caused by an earthquake from the San Andreas fault. But what’s strange about that theory is that the San Andreas fault runs North and South. So it’s an unusual case nonetheless.

    2. Valle De Luna, Bolivia
    Also known as the valley of the moon in English, this crazy place is found in bolivia. This is area that’s been wore away by erosion but from this photo you can tell that older things are beautiful as well. The unique clay erosion patterns are like something from out of this world and possibly on the moon! Be careful when hiking here since the rocks can get pretty jagged!

    James Bond Island :D
    This crazy looking rock almost seems as though it’s completely photoshopped but it’s not! A huge limestone pillar juts out from the sea and creates a huge tourist attraction! It’s located in Thailand and many are drawn by it’s beauty and mystery. The limestone tower reaches 66 feet high

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