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    ancient history - Why didn't Alexander invade India or Why did Alexander the Great leave his Indian Conquest Incomplete

    Of course, Alexander was a great king who was born in July 356 BC. Whenever a big warrior comes, then the name of Alexander comes first. Alexander wanted to establish his empire all over the world. Therefore, he fought the first battle in 334 BC, when he was only 22 years old and later continued to fight for 10 years and finally came to India. Here he started as much as North India.
    But it is a surprise that as much as he wanted the entire world, why did he have to return from India?

    Know the answer, but before that it is necessary to know why he was as world and attacked India.

    1) The first reason is that Alexander wanted the older Persian empire from the Indian provinces as much as it wanted. Therefore, Sikandar was declared successor and was also said to be avenger of the great kings of the Persian empire. North India was a province of the Persian Empire, so Alexander thought it as its own.

    2) The second reason is that Alexander wanted to reach the end of the world. Alexander considered Aristotle as his guru and he felt that the end of the world i.e. the ocean, which is nearby. Remember that Alexander did not have a modern map at that time, how is the world? He did not know that the 'Great Ocean' was still very far, and between the sea and the sea there was a subcontinent. But he had to prove that he had reached the end of the world. That is, in his eyes the sea where the world ends.

    in one old map shows how the ages of Alexander and the Greeks saw the world. As you can see, Alexander did not believe that his Indian campaign would be very long. In his eyes the sea was near and India was in a small place. But the situation did not go according to their plan.

    And when Alexander invaded India for the first time, he was completely unaware of the Indian geography. When Sikandar Taxila could be seen then the local public could get information about the geography of India, but it did not happen. And the foreigner knew that India was much bigger than Alexander's idea.

    Alexander had to face the strong vengeance of India's local public and strong King Purus of India. At that time all Purus knew the name of Poros only. Sikandar and Poros fought the battle of hydaspes in May 326 BC and defeated Purus. This war was one of the most difficult battles of Alexander's life. Because the Indians had the most dangerous war weapons, fighter elephants, so that Alexander's horses were scared.

    Sikander's army did not know the tropical environment of India, so his army had to suffer from diseases, diseases, especially wild snakes, and frequent rain. But the Macedonian army, i.e. Sikander's army, was fighting continuously for almost twelve years. Many of them wanted to enjoy the fruits of victory instead of returning home to Macedonians. They had already conquered the entire Persian Empire and had had enough money to live a glorious life. So there was no point in fighting with India in particular.

    But after that the Macedonian army had reached the river Haiphasis, i.e. today's Diaz river. But Sikandar knew that the Ganges was a powerful Nand or magadh empire across the river, i.e. the Magadha Empire. With 2,00,000 infantry, 80,000 horse riders, 8,000 war chariots and 6000 elephants. And before him, Alexander had only 40,000 infantry and 7,000 horse riders, and most of his army was tired. Sikandar's army refused to cross the Vyas river and after seeing such a large army of Magadha. And then the news of the revolt of Persia was heard and they returned.

    So what do the ancient historians say? According to them,
    Sikander's army revolted near the Haiphasis River and Sikandar had to return. Although some modern literate believe that Alexander had deliberately rebelled to keep his sensual face and had a reason to return.

    But Alexander was not a fool; He knew that it would be a madness to continue the Indian campaign and my army would soon revolt in real or later. So for this reason Alexander left India. He was back from here.

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