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    Visit http://www.dynamicskinservi... for more details about our tattoo removal services.

    Hi, I'm Brenda with Dynamic Skin Services in the Heal Skin Clinic. A+ Ocean is a natural way of extracting the pigment from the skin so that you just get no scarring. Laser and surgical options, obviously can lead to permanent scarring.

    A+ Ocean is delivered into the epidermis slowly with a shader needle, so it's very similar to the original tattoo process and then, the body slowly filters it down into the dermis and the dermis inflames and the particles of the pigment are lifted up. We're now applying the topical anesthetic, or the numbing cream, which will minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

    What we doing now is inserting the A+ Ocean lightly into the epidermis, so that then the body will draw it down into the dermis and cause an inflammation that then raises the pigment out of the skin.

    Customer Quote "Brenda was great. She kept me really comfortable the whole time and I'm excited for the results."

    A+ Ocean is made from the finest sea salt in the world and pure aloe vera juice and it has its own website and so, it's all pure, no carcinogens at all. Everything is FDA and TGA approved. The cost of each session is 250 dollars, but at both clinics, we offer packages where you purchase three and get one free. The sessions last only about one hour from beginning to end and for the size of a fist tattoo, you can expect to sit through four to eight sessions.

    Customer Quote "It was quick, easy and didn't even hurt. The staff were really professional and made me feel really comfortable."

    If you stick with the A+ Ocean slow method of inserting this pure juice down into the epidermis, you can expect great results with no scarring. For any further questions, please give us a call on 08 93891552 or 0411 596 138

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