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  • Uploaded on 17 Apr 2018

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    Christian was a guy who lived in Venezuela. There was this girl in his school who we will call "Stephanie" for the purposes of this story. Stephanie was a pretty girl who had the reputation of dating and then dumping lots of guys for no apparent reason.

    Even though he heard all of these rumors, Christian still wanted to get to know her, she he did. Quickly they went from being friends to Stephanie asking Christian to be her boyfriend. "She just asked me to be her boyfriend," he thought.."WOW!" He said yes and they began dating.

    As a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, they did romantic things like kissing, selfie kisses, and she would give him chocolates, presents and he really appreciate those gestures of love and kindness. He was in love.

    Things stated getting fishy when he saw a photo of her with another guy. This boy looked 16 to 18 years old. Christian confronted her and asked her who the guy in the pictures was. Stephanie lied and told Christian it was her brother. To cover her tracks, she showed Christian a room in her house she claimed was her brother''s room, the boy in the picture.

    Everything went downhill when Christian went on Summer vacation to Madeira. There he went onto his Facebook, scrolled up through his timeline when he saw more pictures of Stephanie with the same older guy she claimed was her brother. So investigating further, he scrolled through her profile and photos and found very incriminating photos of Stephanie kissing this guy on the lips. Christian was in complete shock. "My girlfriend lied cheated and betrayed me" he thought. She is still lying and still cheating on me. I can't trust her anymore.

    Finding even more photos that were romantic between she and this older guy, Christian was crushed, sad, disappointed, felt betrayed and angry. He thought, "she dumped me over some other guy." She was his girlfriend and it hurt that she was dishonest and betrayed him. He found out in such a hurtful way with evidence he could see for himself.

    Dealing with his feelings for the rest of his vacation, he eventually came home and confronted his girlfriend again. "You cheated on me" he told her with anger, then walked away from her. A day passed and the next morning Stephanie came up to Christian and apologized with crying, tears, remorse and regret. She even tried to become friends but he decided what she did was not forgivable and chose not to forgive her. Christian decided that someone had to help her understand the consequences of her actions, her dishonest actions, it should be him.

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