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  • Uploaded on 21 Okt 2009

    I sat up stroking him staring at that huge cock slick now my hands gliding easily up over the head back down twisting around before coming Never seen that before Its a first for me too lemme tell ya I moved past him into the bathroom to wash my glistening hand and wrist free of Steves dick pops out of Saras asshole with a pop and Steves baby juice comes trickling out a moment later He could hear cries of brutal pleasures As her pussy was brutally fucked over and over by the huge cocks surrounding her I walked into the house and she closed the door behind me He looked back patiently alowing me to think about it He opened one with his teeth and slid it on Sara says Her tongue swirls all over the entire shaft as she moves her head Angel replies After a few moments he realised she seemed to be waiting for something Ethan the melancholy warlock uttered a quick yes Adam is on the swim team just like Angel Her pleasured cries turned to panic Please Ill have to do that again sometime .Bloody Hell love No dont stop Just dont blame me if anything gets broken alright .Alright she whispered softly into the nape of his neck Chad continued to grab Myras boobs harder and harder and suck on them harder Steve moves over to the bedspread as well him The thickness of Chads cock filled Myras pussy and the length was hitting even her cervix at this point He started to walk away from Myra breathing heavily nearly whistling through his teeth You want that You want my cum in your mouth Oh yeah Angel replies with a simple deep long french kiss girldf Remember our first time Suddenly Sara notices that the cock shes now bobbing up and down on feels a little different Angel feeling intense pleasure grabs the bed covers in a fist Eventually she moved between his legs and began sucking his cock She left and came back in with her bikini top for a 32A and gave it to me and said put it on It tasted funny and I dont think Id do it again but what the hell it was an experience Angel aims for him and he moves his cock to the entrance of her cunt her until he could feel the back of her throat with his cock thought and he sucked in a shuddering breath as Claire slid her hands gently under the front of his sweater pressing her warm breasts into his Trailing her hands back down his torso palms flat now but still feather light she worked her way back down to the waistband of his jeans and gently This one I asked moving just my index finger He breathed a reluctant but satisfied sigh She breaks the passionate kiss and moans out loud Then with one sudden thrust he forces all of his seven inches into her to the point where she can feel his knot at her entrance Erin stroked his thigh his balls his cock Chester Uh Marnie Chad stopped her and held both of her hands in his I suppose so Steve replies back Taking that as a yes Sara opens the back sliding door and lets Shadow do his business Myra couldnt believe she and Chad had such amazing sex twice in just a few short hours She still felt cum dripping out of her pussy and now there was some cum dripping out of her ass as well Dylan quickly jumped on her and thrusted in an out at a jackhammer speed

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