Download The Lord Of The Rings Wow Leveling Challenge: Episode 2 - And Gandalf Means Me!.
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  • Uploaded on 21 Jan 2017


    This challenge consists of two parts:
    -Part 1 is you must find the one ring. That means that you need to go out, kill mobs, quest, or whatever in an attempt to find a ring. The first ring you find is "The One Ring" and must therefore be destroyed. You are not allowed to wear the one ring unless you are a gnome.
    -Part 2 is you need to destroy the One Ring. In order to do so you need to travel to Blackrock Mountain, stand on the suspended island in the center, and delete the one ring from your inventory. After deleting the ring, you will do a /played on that character and screenshot your success. The fastest time wins.


    1. YOU CANNOT DIE. If you do die you lose and must delete your character and try again.
    2. No mounts, no potions, no dungeons, no professions, no buffs, no looms, no auction house, etc.
    3. First Aid and Cooking is allowed. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!
    4. You cannot change out of your starting clothing or equip new clothing (no shoulders, trinkets, etc). This rule does not apply if you play a warrior.
    5. You can upgrade your weapon - only grey, white, and green weapons are allowed unless you are a Blood Elf.


    You can only make a gnome, a dwarf, a human, or a BE. NO other races are allowed.
    -If you pick a gnome you can only be a warrior
    -If you pick a dwarf you can only be a warrior
    -If you pick a human you can be a warrior or a mage
    -If you pick a BE you must be a hunter but you're not allowed to use a pet


    -Warrior Perk: You are allowed to wear any piece of armor, so long as it's gray or white quality. Trinkets, rings, and necklaces do not count as armor.
    -Mage Perk: You are allowed to equip ANY robe that is predominantly white from either looting a mob or questing.
    -Hunter Perk: You are allowed to use healing potions in the challenge - but only potions you loot off of mobs or receive from quests.

    -Gnome Perk: You may wear THE ONE RING and use its stats.
    -Dwarf Perk: You are allowed to use THE FIRST BLUE head item that you find.
    -Human Perk: You are allowed to use THE FIRST necklace that you find.
    -BE Perk: You are allowed to use THE FIRST blue ranged weapon you find.


    ►EPIC Thumbnail art drawn by, Vlad Harabagiu! Go check him out on Youtube and Artstation:


    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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