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    Rommel unleashes the Panzer Divisions against 7th Armoured Division at Sidi Rezegh. Yes, the armoured battle that Auchinleck and Cunningham had wanted has finally arrived, but with Gott, Norrie, Davy, and Jock Campbell be able to win it? Or with the Germans, with Crüwell and von Ravenstein, crush them? Operation Crusader is about to heat up, and the British are in trouble.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:06 Part 1 “The Hunt”
    03:00 Cunningham’s Reaction
    04:04 Tobruk Breakout Begins
    07:25 Gott’s Plans at Sidi Rezegh
    09:09 Campbell attacks north towards Tobruk
    11:45 The Panzer Divisions reach Sidi Rezegh
    13:09 The Overall Situation
    15:04 The Panzers Strike!
    17:21 Aftermath of the first wave
    18:32 The Panzers Strike Again!
    20:02 Davy Realizes something is wrong
    20:48 Part 2 “It’s ok, Everything’s Fine”
    20:53 British defensive actions
    22:36 Aftermath of the second wave
    24:15 13th Corps Attacks!
    25:15 Rommel and Crüwell’s Plans
    28:10 Cunningham’s Reaction
    31:59 13th Corps keeps on advancing!
    32:20 Plans at Sidi Rezegh
    34:08 The Panzers escape north
    34:45 The British command are out of touch
    36:21 Gott’s conference at Sidi Rezegh
    37:03 The Panzers Strike Again Again!
    38:43 The Legendary Actions of Jock Campbell
    43:18 5th South African Brigade attacks
    43:56 4th Armoured Brigade arrives
    45:08 Gott returns to assess the damage
    46:04 Gott’s Only Hope
    46:37 Outro and Patreons!

    This video is discussing events or concepts that are academic, educational and historical in nature. This video is for informational purposes and was created so we may better understand the past and learn from the mistakes others have made.

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