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  • Uploaded on 16 Agu 2018

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    The Teen Titans are starting to grow up. The first look at the series from San Diego Comic-Con left many DC fans surprised at how bleak the show looks compared to its contemporaries at The CW. But there's a reason why that trailer was so dark and gritty, and it has a lot to do with the growth of each of the individual Titan characters. Launching in fall 2018, Titans is the flagship series of the new streaming platform DC Universe, set to bring exclusive DC Comics content to viewers no matter what device they're on. It's a major expansion of DC properties on TV, whether they're animated or live-action, and Titans is just one part of it. Titans may not have the sunny disposition of the CW's Flash, Supergirl, or Legends of Tomorrow, and it might be a little more angsty than Arrow. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Taken on its own terms, DC's Titans just might have what it takes to blow you away...

    The jaded Grayson | 0:50
    The Outlaw | 2:15
    New worlds | 3:00
    Quality source | 4:09
    Doom Patrol | 5:08
    Doorways to anywhere | 6:28

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